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sábado, 3 de abril de 2010

James Brown Tribute Chant, (for BOOTSY COLLINS NEW ALBUM)

Okay everybody, This goes out to all our James Brown Soul Brother # One Foot Soldiers & Supporter's. Attached is a follow up to the email that you got the other day, I put the tempo of our James Brown tribute Chant and the rhythm of what I am doing it in. What we need is for you to do this {Chant} in another language other than English and put it in the groove and tempo that I am doing it in but using your native tongue. I left 16 bars empty so you can add your parts on that empty space. I Chant it first on this MP3 so that you see how it goes then you come in and put your parts down in tempo over the click track. You can record this with a little hand held recorder or call this phone number 513-528-3404 and sing it on our answering machine if you have no other way to record it. This tribute to Mr. James Brown will be coming out on my New Album, and the idea is that people from every Nation will be saying this Chant in their own language. {SAY IT LOUD, LONG LIVE JAMES BROWN} Thank you all for your interest and continued support for our historical figures and for music and sake! Bootsy baby!!! -- Welcome to Bootsy Collins Foundation!{Say it Loud, an Instrument for Every Child} Remember: the reason we pick up Instruments is because, words can not express what we have to say!

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